Our Company Culture


Vcentra looks for, and masters, difficult IT assignments.  Our responsive management and technically outstanding personnel have created an enviable record of accomplishment and award-winning work.   Our leadership is in tune with the changing business environment and information technology industry.  Vcentra is always looking for ways to enhance the company’s growth and opportunities.

Our Reputation
Fundamental to everything we do is our belief in quality, teamwork, honesty, commitment, and integrity.  We have achieved a reputation as a quality team that provides timely services to our customers.  This can only be accomplished by staffing our team with quality people.  The high level of integrity and business ethics that is adhered to by our staff and management maintains this reputation.

The Vcentra Staff
We credit each staff member with our successes and our excellent reputation.  We recognize that we are only as good as the staff we employ, and go to great lengths to recruit and retain the best.  The company founders work hard to ensure we hire successfully and go above and beyond to help each individual employee succeed at Vcentra, not only as a new hire but also throughout a challenging and rewarding career.

Joining the Team
Once you join the Vcentra team, you are assigned a sponsor to help you become acclimated quickly, and you are given the proper tools and resources to accomplish your job.  You are challenged and given an opportunity to excel. To help you succeed and grow, we encourage ongoing communications with your manager.  We conduct an annual appraisal process to recognize your achievements and identify your growth path, new objectives, and upcoming challenges.  At Vcentra, you are given opportunities to prove your talents, with commensurate rewards for your successes.  Our environment showcases the success of merging high energy, fun, flexibility, and growth with stability, professionalism, and business and human resource best practices.


Careers with Vcentra

We are proud to have built a highly skilled, diverse, and dedicated workforce, and we are always searching for new talent that will enhance our team.  Teamwork at Vcentra does not mean conformity.  The team players we look for are not followers but leaders and innovators who will contribute to the success of our organization.  To learn more about the skills we are currently seeking, we invite you to visit our Careers page.


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