Mobile Technologies


Vcentra helps our clients incorporate mobile technologies as part of an enterprise software delivery portfolio.  Vcentra takes a holistic approach in deploying mobile solutions, taking into account security, manageability, functionality, and overall deployment strategy.  

This includes work at the USDA and the Library of Congress where Vcentra helped develop the mobile deployment strategy.  For the Library of Congress, focus was placed on the infrastructure support needed as part of the Mobile Device Management capability.  For the USDA, Vcentra helped determine the best approach on deploying iPads to support the training department within the Human Resources group.  

Software architects and developers at Vcentra also played a key role in the deployment of the Investigation Information Collection System (IICS) for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  This included the selection of hardware and device management software.  The IICS  is a mobile field-data collection application for environmental field inspectors. IICS consists of configurable checklists that can be modified without programmatic changes. IICS was deployed statewide to 16 regional offices and is used by about 600 investigators.  



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